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My career thus far has spanned New York, London, and Los Angeles, where I have worked for a number of leading arts organizations, including galleries, a non-profit, and a public relations agency. While completing my degree, I also freelance as a social media consultant for companies in arts and culture. 

Currently, I am in the final year of my undergraduate degree in Art History at the University of St Andrews, where I am writing a dissertation on how alternative representations of breastfeeding in visual art by women artists deconstruct notions of ideal motherhood and femininity, and to what extent they are successful at de-stigmatizing breastfeeding. My art historical interest has focused mainly on feminist body and performance art from the sixties to present day.

I am incredibly passionate about contemporary art, and I hope to become an independent curator with a focus on queer feminist performance art. I would like to collaborate with nonprofits and private companies to realize exhibitions and public installations and programs highlighting marginalized voices and subjects. I am invested in socially-engaged art, and in particular work that explores gender, sexuality, and identity politics.